Flooded bedroom in Pacific City Oregon

Flooded bedroom caused by toilet overflow, wet carpet and pad.

truck mount extracting the flooded bedroom water

extracting water form the flooded bedroom with a truck mount machine

flooded bedroom extraction

extracting water from wet carpet

Disaster Master responded within an hour and got to work to remediate the water damage. We extracted all the water soaked into the carpet and pad with our truck mounted machine into the truck holding tank.









Removing all the water from the flooded house as soon as possible is the crucial step to prevent secondary water damage.

After all the water is extracted the next step is to check where is all the remaining water hiding.

The Disaster Master team uses all the latest tools including: moisture meters, moisture sensors and a thermal imaging camera which looks inside the walls to find invisible leaks.

Water can travel long distance in short time from the source of the leak, so it’s best practice to check everywhere. The flooded bedroom had a crawlspace below. We checked if the water penetrated the subfloor and insulation by going below for a thorough look.

  We removed all the wet carpet pad to speed up the drying process. Removing the baseboard is also recommended to help dry out the bottom of the sheet rock. In this case the water did not enter the wall cavities so we did not have to cut out any of the sheet rock.

Large dehumidifier

Large commercial dehumidifier

wet carpet

wet carpet and subfloor ready for dry out

An extra large dehumidifier and 4 commercial fans were used to dry out the bathroom and bedroom. 2 fans were used to blow under the carpet to dry out the carpet and subfloor. One was placed in the bathroom and one on top of the carpet in bedroom.

With all the drying equipment running nonstop about 90% of the remaining water will dry out in the first 24- 48 hours. The rest of the moisture is usually trapped in cracks and crevices so it will take little longer to completely dry.

We returned 3 days later to check all the areas to make sure  everything was completely dry.

Picking up and loading all the equipment was next.

Final step was complete walk through with the home owner to ensure total satisfaction.

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