Bathroom mold in Newport Oregon

Disaster Master was called for bathroom mold remediation in Newport Oregon. After a quick inspection, we discovered plenty of mold growth on the outside and inside of the walls.

Before starting work on any mold job, we always set up the containment area first.

A containment area is required to minimize the potential spread of mold spores to the rest of the building. We use an air scrubber on all mold jobs to ensure we trap airborne mold spores during the process. Disposable hazmat suits, gloves, and full-face masks are necessary to protect the technician during the work.

mold in the wall cavity

Image Above: Mold inside of the wall cavity.

Here, we removed all the sheetrock from the ceiling. Mold was also in the insulation and 1×4 planks so we removed it all. The walls all around the shower were next. At first, the wall behind the toilet looked OK with no visible mold, but just to be sure we cut a small hole to check. We found more mold there on both sides so we had to set up one more containment in the adjoined bedroom. There, half of the wall had to be removed also.mold remediation mold inside wall cavity

Left Image: Technician in a full-face mask holding mold affected drywall. Right Image: Mold on the bedroom side of the bathroom.

All the moldy materials were placed in heavy-duty contractor bags and sealed with tape. After the final cleaning, everything was vacuumed with a HEPPA vacuum. Some remaining visible mold on 2×4 studs was sanded off and sealed.

To prevent mold growth in your house you need to make sure you don’t have any leaks from the plumbing or roof and your interior humidity levels are under 60%. If you ever encounter a leak it is very important to completely dry out the area soon as possible. Mold can start growing in as little as 48 hours.

Professional water damage dries out is much less expensive than having to pay for the extra cost for mold remediation every time.

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