Crawl Space Cleanup

One of the reasons people need Crawl space Cleanup is that rodents got in.

It’s very important to keep crawlspaces rodent proof. Most rodent problems in crawlspaces are due to rusted-out screens on the foundation wall vents.
Once the rodents get access to the crawl space they get into the insulation and have almost perfect conditions to quickly multiply and can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a very short time.
They chew on wires and plumbing pipes, rip up flex ductwork, and contaminate the entire crawl space with droppings and disease.
Even a small leak from a chewed pipe can cost the homeowner lots of money if not detected for a long time. It can flood the entire crawl space or cause mold growth that can spread.
Regular inspections can prevent lots of damage if caught early. Some homeowners block off the vents when they see compromised screens. If the vents are covered and the crawl space does do not get proper venting, the humidity can build up and cause rapid mold growth.
That’s why is important to have adequate venting of the crawlspace and have 6mil black plastic (vapor barrier) installed on the entire crawl space ground to prevent moisture from coming up from the ground.
Lots of homeowners resort to getting rid of the rodents by setting up some bait around the house. If the rodents are getting into the house or crawlspace, they eat the poison and often die somewhere hidden in the insulation or the crawl space. Rotting rodent odor is definitely something you do not want anywhere in the house.
We find an amazing assortment of dead animals in the crawl spaces from rats, mice, opossums, cats, raccoons, and smaller dogs.
If the crawl space is in very bad shape most tradesmen like plumbers, electricians, or HVAC technicians won’t even enter the crawlspace until it’s completely cleaned and decontaminated.

Can I do the Crawl space cleanup myself?

Helpful notes:
To do crawl space cleanup you need to protect yourself from an array of dangers you may encounter in the confined space.
Rats, mice, raccoons, spiders, spider webs, exposed wires, rusty nails, and rodent droppings that can carry the disease are just some examples of possible points of injury or infection.
Recommended equipment:
Full face respirator, Tyvek suit, gloves, and good headlamp are a must.
You also have to be very careful crawling around all the plumbing pipes, heating ducts, and wiring to not accidentally snag one and break or disconnect. Some areas are super tight and you may have to crawl a long way around to access it all.
If you are claustrophobic – you have no choice but to call professionals.
We do complete crawl space clean-ups and decontamination.

To schedule a crawl space cleanup inspection call 541-992-2080

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