Bat Decontamination in house in Waldport, Oregon

Earlier this year Disaster Master responded to a job in Waldport, Oregon that had a bat issue in their ceilings. The customer had bats living inside of the ceiling wall cavities. In the summer time the bats relocated and left the customer’s house smelling like urine and feces. She knew she needed to hire a professional like Disaster Master to decontaminate her ceiling from the bats. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recommend protecting bats by not disturbing their habitats while they hibernate in the winter time. Since this customer waited until the summer time, the bats had already left and she was able to do the decontamination without disturbing them. 

Disaster Master got straight to work after knowing the tenants and the bats were all out of the house in Waldport, Oregon. They set containment walls and floor protection so that way the feces that were coming out of the ceiling would not contaminate the home owners belongings or other areas of the house. They removed the affected area of drywall from the ceiling to expose and evaluate the area that needed to be decontaminated. After removing all the affected drywall and insulation they removed fake wood beams from the entire ceiling and HEPA Vacuumed the affected areas. Lastly, they did a detail clean with antimicrobial to disinfect all affected areas including spray, scrub and wipe.  The customer was very satisfied that her ceiling had all the bat feces properly removed and surfaces decontaminated. 

If you have any issues in your home with rodents, bats or pests it is important to hire a professional to mitigate the structural damage that they can cause. We recommend to hire a pest company to catch any active pests. Then once all the pests have been caught or trapped we can come in a remove any dead carcass, fecal matter and affected insulation to decontaminate and sanitize your home. Please give us a call at 541-992-2080 to set up a time for us to come out and inspect your home. 

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