Broken Hot Water Line Causes Flooded Crawlspace in Lincoln City Oregon

Water in your homes crawlspace is never a nice surprise to come home to because of the devastating consequences water damage can have on the structure of your house. Flooding is a major problem that is bound to happen to houses over the span of their lifetime. When it comes to house floods no matter how minor the situation, it can cause structural damage and potentially leave your home vulnerable for mold growth. Flooding could be caused by heavy rain storms, broken pipes, or sewer back up. Time is of the essence when it comes to flooding so it’s important to deal with the flood as soon as possible to prevent further water damage. It’s crucial to call a reputable water restoration company like Disaster Master that has the experience and right equipment to throughly remove the water and moisture.  

For example, Disaster Master received an early morning call for an emergency water damage in a house in Lincoln City, Oregon. The field supervisor responded within one hour from receiving the call and inspected the situation. There was moisture detected in the laundry room wall shared by the garage. After inspecting the crawlspace he found the source of the water intrusion. A hot water line was broken in the crawlspace and was spraying hot water everywhere. This caused steam in the crawlspace and water on the floor. He was able to help the homeowners shut off the water heater so there was no more hot water spraying in the crawlspace. The crew went straight to work in the crawlspace by removing 200 square feet of wet insulation, extracting all the water off the floors, vacuuming all debris, and spraying antimicrobial on all affected areas to help sanitize before laying down new vapor barrier. Two extra large commercial grade dehumidifiers were in placed the crawlspace and the laundry room to help reduce moisture levels. We went back to the customers’ house after three days to monitor the moisture levels in the crawlspace and to pick up the drying equipment. The homeowner was very pleased to find that their crawlspace was all dry, cleaned and sanitized. 

By responding right away to our customer’s flood in the crawlspace this helped ensure the cleanup and dry out processes began as quickly as possible. With our expert guidance and state of the art equipment this helped get the job done properly and help prevent serious long-term issues. Water damage of any kind shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have a flood in your house or commercial property please do not hesitate to call Disaster Master 541-992-2080 to help mitigate the water damage.

Before – Crawlspace with broken water pipe
After – Removed wet affected Insulation in Crawlspace 

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