Crawlspace Clean Up and New Vapor Barrier Installation

Do you remember the last time you looked inside of your home’s crawlspace? Most homeowners rarely want to visit their crawlspace because it can be musty, dirty, pest infested and unusable. Unfortunately, problems like excessive moisture in a crawlspaces can lead to pathogens and various particles indoors. Exposure to such things can result in asthma and allergy issues for many people. It’s always best to hire a professional like us at Disaster Master to inspect the crawlspace and provide a thorough estimate on what work needs to be done to remediate the crawlspace. 

This summer we had a repeat customer call our office in Lincoln City, Oregon to make an appointment for getting their crawlspace cleaned up and new vapor barrier installed. Our crew responded right away to the job site in full hazmat gear for all technicians. They set up floor protection from the back door to the crawlspace entrance. Once the crew was all set up they began removing all insulation, supports, debris, and existing vapor barrier. After all the unwanted things were removed the technicians did a detailed clean on the entire crawlspace. In order to complete the crawlspace clean up the last step in the process was to re install new 6 mil black vapor barrier with red tape on the important seams to help seal out the moisture and protect the home from environmental changes and humidity. 

By cleaning up our customer’s crawlspace we helped eliminate dampness, discourage pests and insects, improve indoor air quality, minimize strange odors, protect structural integrity and makes repairs in crawlspace easier for the repair crews to inspect any problems with plumbing, wiring and ducts that could be running through the crawlspace. Crawlspace clean up and new vapor barrier installation gave our customer total peace of mind, which is priceless. If you have any questions regarding crawlspace clean up and would like to schedule an inspection please call 541-992-2080 or send us an email to 

Customer’s crawlspace before clean up and new vapor barrier were installed.
During the clean up of the crawlspace the technicians bagged and disposed all debris, supports and affected insulation.
After a deep clean up of the crawlspace new vapor barrier was installed with red tape on the important seams.
After the crawlspace was cleaned and the new vapor barrier was installed the job was completed.

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