Crawlspace Decontamination from Rodents in Lincoln City, Oregon

It is very important to keep your crawlspace clean and free of any rodents. It’s bad enough that insects can get into your home but knowing pesky rodents can take residence as well can be too much for any homeowner to deal with on their own. Vents can wear over time and this is how some small animals could get into your crawlspace. That is why hiring a professional like Disaster Master can help you find the access points where the rodents are getting through and help you with the clean up and decontamination. 

Recently, Disaster Master was hired to do a rodent decontamination in a crawlspace of a manufactured home in Lincoln City, Oregon. The rodents had left the crawlspace full of feces, urine and torn insulation. The crew wore full hazmat gear during the decontamination. They removed the belly board, all debris, all insulation and the existing vapor barrier from the crawlspace. Next, they did a detail clean of the entire crawlspace which includes spray, scrub and wipe down on all affected areas with an antimicrobial to sanitize the entire crawlspace. Lastly, new vapor barrier was installed with red tape on the important seams to complete this crawlspace decontamination. The homeowner was very happy to see that her crawlspace was rodent free and decontaminated. 

If you have any issues in your home with rodents or pests it is important to hire a professional to mitigate the structural damage that they can cause. We recommend to hire a pest company to catch any active rodents. Then once all the rodents have been caught or trapped we can come in a remove any dead carcass, fecal matter and affected insulation to decontaminate and sanitize your home. Please give us a call at 541-992-2080 to set up a time for us to come out and inspect your home. 

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