Smoke Damage in Commercial Building in Newport, Oregon

There is nothing more devastating than a house or commercial space fire. The impact of a fire can leave property owners at a loss of furniture, personal items and not to mention all the repairs. Once the fire is put out property owners will then need to mitigate the smoke damage. The soot and smoke damage involves a deep structural clean of all surfaces in the home or commercial space. It’s important to clean out all the debris and items to better assess the damage. Smoke has a tendency to drift so you may notice that the fire might have been in one area of the property but there is a residual smoke smell in other areas of the property too. If you have had a fire and need smoke damage remediated it’s crucial to call a professional like Disaster Master for fire and smoke restoration. 

Recently, in Newport, Oregon there was a fire in a commercial building that affected multiple units within the property. Disaster Master was hired to do the smoke damage structural clean to get the property restored back up and running for business. The first part of the job involved setting up multiple HEPA Air Scrubbers to help clean and scrub the air in the units. Also, a few Hydroxyl generators were used to help remove the smoke odors. Next, all surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, shelves and cabinets were HEPA Vacuumed to remove any soot or debris. After that the encapsulation process began where they sprayed, scrubbed and wiped down all horizontal and vertical surfaces to mitigate the smoke damage. This process was repeated to help get rid of the smoke damage. After the units were structurally cleaned up the HEPA Air scrubbers were left inside the units for a few more days to really scrub the air and get it restored back to smelling smoke free.  Disaster Master helped do a bit a demo work on the areas of the property that were affected by the fire. Also, there was secondary issues like water damage because it rained and there were holes in the roof from the fire. So, Disaster Master was able to help extract the rain water from the floors and tarp up the roof so there would be no further water damage issues. All in all, the smoke damage was cleaned up and the businesses were able to get back to their customers in a smoke free environment. 

If you have any fire or smoke damage to your home or commercial property in Lincoln City, Neotsu, Neskowin, Pacific City, Depoe Bay, Newport, Siletz, Toledo or Waldport, please call 541-992-2080 Disaster Master to set up an inspection today. 

During: Cleaning the soot off the floors 
After: the structural clean was completed there was some demo work that needed to be done on the area where the fire took place

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