Broken Window Latch Causes Water Damage in bedroom in Lincoln City, OR

Rain water that gets in through a leaking window can cause water damage inside of your home. No matter the season, leaking windows can cause major problems such as structural damage and could lead to microbial growth. It is important to address water leaks around windows right away to prevent any items in the house from being damaged as well as to prevent the growth of any mold. If you have any windows that are leaking and causing water damage in your home and or commercial space it important to call a professional like Disaster Master. 

Recently in Lincoln City, Oregon a window latch broke inside of a home during a rainstorm. This caused water damage inside of the house because the window latch was broken causing water to come inside. The homeowner called Disaster Master right away to help remediated the water damage. They began by moving the contents in the affected areas out of the way so that the carpet and pad could be lifted up to help dry it out in place. Then the wet affected items like bedding and a mattress were removed and disposed of. One extra large dehumidifier and three air movers were set for three days to help dry the room. This helped expedite the drying process and prevent any mold from growing. After the room was all dry, the final moisture reading was done to confirm there was no elevated moisture in the room. The homeowner was very pleased that Disaster Master was able to save the carpet and pad and dry the room out to prevent any structural damage. 

If you have any water damage in your home and would like to set up an inspection please call Disaster Master today at 541-992-2080. 

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