Crawlspace with Microbial Growth and Water Damage in Depoe Bay, Oregon

Crawlspaces tend to be an overlooked space in a home. Sometimes crawlspaces have issues like water damage or mold. It’s usually when a homeowner goes to sell their house and they have a home inspection done and find out that there is mold in the crawlspace. This is crucial to remediate before selling a house. It’s important to not leave microbial growth in any part of the house because it can compromise the structural integrity of the home. Crawlspaces can have water damage and mold because of ground water leaking in and sitting on the vapor barrier which can lead to microbial growth. Similarly, a leaking pipe or drain could also be the source of the water intrusion in a crawlspace. It’s important to have a professional water and mold remediation specialist out to inspect the damage and prepare an estimate for mitigation services. 

Recently, in Depoe Bay, Oregon a homeowner hired Disaster Master to mitigate the water and mold damage in the crawlspace of her home. The crawlspace had water that needed to be extracted off the floors. Then all insulation and supports were removed and dispose of. All debris and existing vapor barrier were removed. Then all affected areas with microbial growth were HEPA vacuumed. All visible mold was removed with an RMR treatment that included spray, scrub and wipe. The sub pump hole was dug out for a new one to be installed by a plumber. New black 6 ml vapor barrier was installed with red tape on the important seams. Drying equipment was set and monitored for 3 days to mitigate the water damage and help dry out the crawlspace. The homeowner was very satisfied with the work that Disaster Master did in her crawlspace.

If you have any water damage or microbial growth that needs to be remediated please call Disaster Master today 541-992-2080. Disaster Master proudly services Lincoln City, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Neskowin, Neotsu, Newport, Toledo, Waldport and Yachats. 

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