Microbial Growth Remediation inside of home in Newport, OR

No one really wants to find microbial growth inside of their home, especially not in the kitchen. Mold is toxic and can cause health issues if it’s not properly remediated by a mold remediation specialist. Kitchens are a common area in a home for microbial growth because of the higher levels of moisture and humidity from activities like cooking and washing dishes. Common places where mold can be found are under sinks, behind cabinets, by the window sills, ceilings and walls. It’s important to have proper ventilation inside of the home to help prevent excess moisture and humidity. It’s important to fix any plumbing leaks in your home to also help prevent mold from growing and compromising the structure of your home. It’s crucial to hire a professional like Disaster Master to inspect and remediate the microbial growth so you can breathe freely. 

Recently, in Newport, Oregon there was a homeowner that had a rental property that had visible microbial growth on the ceilings inside of the house. She called Disaster Master to remediate the visible microbial growth. Disaster Master set 1 HEPA Air scrubber during the remediation process to help clean and scrub the air. They set floor protection from the front door the affected areas to keep the floor underneath clean during the job. All visible microbial growth was HEPA Vacuumed. RMR treatment was used to spray, scrub and wipe away the microbial growth off of the ceilings. The homeowner was advised by the Disaster Master team to have the tenants move their furniture away from the walls and to install a dehumidifier to help with the humidity levels. The homeowner was very satisfied with the mold remediation work that Disaster Master did at her rental property.

If you have any issues with visible microbial growth in your home or commercial space please call Disaster Master today to set up an inspection 541-992-2080. Disaster Master proudly services the following cities: Lincoln City, Otis, Neskowin, Pacific City, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Siletz, Toledo, Newport, Waldport, and Yachats. 

Before: The drywall with the most visible microbial growth 

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