Attic with Mold Remediation

Attics are a common place where you might find visible microbial growth. If the temperature and humidity levels are elevated in the attic this could result into mold growth on the attic sheathing. Sometimes homeowners don’t go into their attic so how would they know they have mold? This is why it’s recommended to call a professional like Disaster Master to do a professional mold inspection for remediation services. 

Recently in Lincoln City, Oregon a homeowner bought a house that had visible microbial growth in the attic on the insulation and sheathing. The homeowner decided to hire Disaster Master to inspect and remediate the mold in their attic. Disaster Master started by installing a HEPA air scrubber during the remediation process. Next, they HEPA vacuumed all visible microbial growth on the attic sheathing. Also, all affected insulation was removed from the affected areas. All mold was remediated with RMR treatment including spray scrub and wipe. Lastly, Disaster Master redistributed some of the remaining insulation that was not affected by mold so there was better air circulation in the attic space. The home owner was very satisfied with the work that Disaster Master did because it gave him and his family peace of mind on their new home. 

If you have any issue with mold in your house or commercial space and would like to schedule an inspection please call Disaster Master today at 541-992-2080. Disaster Master proudly services the following cities: Lincoln City, Neotsu, Otis, Neskowin, Pacific City, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Siletz, Newport, Toledo, Waldport, and Yachats. 

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