Mold Remediation inside of Home in Lincoln City, OR

Water damage inside of your home or commercial space is a major issue that needs to be tended to right away to prevent structural damage. If your home has a pipe leaking behind the wall and you notice a visible microbial growth on the sheetrock then this could indicate there are moisture issues causing the mold to grow. It’s important to hire a professional plumber to fix any compromised pipes causing the leaks. After the pipe is fixed then a water and mold mitigation company like Disaster Master can go in to remediate the water damage as well as the visible mold.

Recently, in Lincoln City, Oregon there as a homeowner that needed help remediating visible microbial growth due to a past water damage in her home. The home owner called Disaster Master to mitigate the water damage and remediate the visible microbial growth throughout the home. Disaster Master started their work by HEPA Vacuuming all visible mold in the upstairs of the home where the water damage took place from a sewage back up. The affected areas throughout the home needs flood cuts on the affected drywall to help remove the visible microbial growth. All affected carpets were removed and disposed of due to heavy visible microbial growth. All mold was treated and remediated throughout the affected areas in the bathrooms, hallways, laundry room, kitchen and bedroom. The homeowner was very satisfied with the work that Disaster Master did because they helped remove the water damaged materials and remediate the visible mold in the home.

If you have any issues with water damage or mold please call Disaster Master today to set up an inspection 541-992-2080. Disaster Master proudly services the following areas: Lincoln City, Otis, Neskowin, Pacific City, Tillamook, Depoe Bay, Toledo, Newport, Waldport, Yachats.

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