Coast Disaster Master responds to remediate water damage, wet walls, wet ceilings in Lincoln City Oregon.

Disaster Master responded to the call to remediate water damage in Lincoln City’s Roads End area.

After a complete inspection with our moisture meter, moisture sensor, and radar camera we found two areas. One was caused by a leaky skylight and the second by a leaky toilet seal.

The kitchen skylight was leaking down the wall next to the kitchen sink. We removed all the saturated sheetrock and found some dry rot and mold. A containment area was set up around the kitchen and an air scrubber with negative air pressure was used during the rest of the demo. We took extra care removing the window sill not to damage the tile backsplash to save customers the cost of replacing it all.

After all the wet sheetrock, wet insulation, and dry rot were removed and disposed of- the dry out process can be started.

A commercial dehumidifier and fans were set up to dry out all the wet areas.

We closely monitor and record daily the outdoor temp and humidity,  affected area indoor temp and humidity, and GPP. We also monitor the output of the dehumidifier: temp, humidity, and GPP. If there is more than one area affected on a job, we also separately record and track the data for each incidence.

Most jobs can be completely dried out in 3-5 days. Before we complete the job we recheck everything with the equipment to make sure everything is completely dry.

mold from leaky skylight moisture meter in use

Left Image: Mold caused by a leaky skylight. Right Image: A moisture meter is used to check walls to find all wet wall cavities.

The wet ceiling in the downstair’s bedroom was removed.

We also cut out all the wet carpet pads and disposed of them to speed up the drying process.

One dehumidifier and 3 fans completely dried out the bedroom in 3 days.

wet cilings wet ceiling removal ceiling repaired after the water damage

Left Image: Some hefty water damage was found all around the ceiling. Middle Image: Taking out the water-damaged ceiling. Right Image: A re-finished ceiling that looks brand new.

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