Broken Water Pipe causes Water Damage in Condo in Lincoln City, Oregon

Have you ever come home and there was water all over the floors? It could be from a broken water pipe that is causing a leak. Sometimes, a compromised water pipe can show warning signs before serious water damage occurs. Common symptoms of a broken pipe include puddles forming under your sinks, pipes making noises behind the walls, discolored rusty water with a strange smell or fluctuating water pressure. If you notice signs of a compromised water pipe you should take action quickly to mitigate the water damage that is done. Try to turn off the water and locate the broken pipe. The next step is to get a plumber to fix or replace the compromised water pipes. Once water damage occurs, you have about 12-36 hours until microbial growth begins to grow on the affected areas. This is why it’s crucial to call a professional water restoration and mold remediation company like Disaster Master to help remove the water and dry out the home to prevent any structural damage. 

Recently, in Lincoln City, Oregon there was a compromised water pipe in a condo that was on the third floor. This affected the condo right below causing serious water damage to the unit. Disaster Master responded to the emergency water damage and quickly began extracting water from the bedroom carpets and entry hallway in the two affected condos. Drying equipment was set to help expedite the drying process. All carpet, pad and tack strips were removed and disposed of. After several days of drying with the dehumidifiers and air movers our crew went back to do a final moisture reading and picked up all the equipment. Both units were dry and there was no structural damage from the water. Disaster Master made it just in time to mitigate this water damage in Lincoln City, Oregon. 

If you think you have a compromised water pipe that is leaking into your home or commercial space please do not hesitate to call Disaster Master for emergency response to your water damage needs.

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