Attic with Microbial Growth Remediation in Lincoln City, OR 

Mold can exist in many varieties inside of residential and commercial spaces. Any size of microbial growth needs to be addressed properly to avoid health risks and spreading the spores into other areas of the home. If mold is not remediated right away it can create an unhealthy living environment for those inside of the house. Microbial growth can slowly compromise the structure of the home depending on where the microbial growth is growing. Mold may be found in places where there might be an active leak, in the attic, or crawlspace. This is why it’s essential to hire a professional mold remediation specialist like Disaster Master to remediate all visible mold.

Recently in Lincoln City, Oregon there was a homeowner that discovered an active water leak had caused visible microbial growth in her attic space. She hired Disaster Master to remediate all visible microbial growth on the sheathing in her attic. The crew at Disaster Master got straight to work by installing floor protection from the front door to the attic access. One HEPA air scrubber was set in the room where the attic access point was to help clean the air quality. All visible microbial growth was HEPA vacuumed off the attic sheathing. Then RMR treatment was sprayed, scrubbed and wiped on the attic sheathing to remove the visible microbial growth. Finally, the attic had all visible mold on the sheathing removed by Disaster Master. The homeowner was very satisfied and had peace of mind when she went to sell her house knowing that it was mold free. 

If you have any issues with visible microbial growth in your home or commercial space please call Disaster Master today at 541-992-2080. Disaster Master proudly services the following cities: Lincoln City, Neotsu, Neskowin, Pacific City, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Toledo, Siletz, Newport, Waldport, Yachats. 

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