Attic with Mold Remediation in Lincoln City, OR

One of the most common areas for mold to grow is in the attic of a home. This area is sometimes overlooked in a home because people don’t check the attic frequently like they do say the bathroom. A tenant is more likely to spot visible microbial growth growing in the bathroom than they will notice any mold in the attic. However, mold is quite common in an attic due to moisture issues from compromised ventilation or roof leaks. It’s essential to remediate the mold as soon as possible to prevent it from compromising the structure of your home. Not only is mold not good for your home but it’s not healthy for anyone to be living and breathing with mold in their home. It is recommended to not try to remediate mold alone, it’s best to call a mold remediation specialist like Disaster Master to properly inspect and remediate the affected areas in your home. 

Recently in Lincoln City, Oregon there was a homeowner that was selling their home. The buyers’ inspector found visible microbial growth on the attic sheathing and on the insulation. The homeowner was eager to sell their home so they hired Disaster Master to remediate the mold in their attic space. Disaster Master installed one HEPA air scrubber during the remediation process to help clean the air near the attic access point. All technicians were dressed in full hazmat gear to help protect themselves from the mold. All affected insulation was removed and disposed of. Next, all affected areas were HEPA vacuumed. The mold treatment included spraying, scrubbing and wiping with RMR. This process was repeated twice to make sure the mold was removed properly from the attic sheathing and studs. The homeowner and the potential buyers of this home had their minds put at ease when they saw how clean and mold free the attic was after Disaster Master did the remediation work needed. 

If you have any issues with mold in your home or commercial space please call Disaster Master today at 541-992-2080. Disaster Master proudly services the following cities: Lincoln City, Neotsu, Otis, Neskowin, Pacific City, Gleneden Beach, Depoe Bay, Siletz, Toledo, Newport, Waldport, Yachats. 

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